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Seven Seas Personal Information Protection Policy
Seven Seas Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of Employee and Client
data and is actively involved in and supports the activities
specified below.




Date of Enactment 2003/8/25
Latest Revision 2017/10/2
Seven Seas Corporation, Ltd.
 President Makoto Nagasawa



Our company, regarding our handling of all private information we deal with as a provider of language and communication training to businesses, while recognizing our social responsibility, pledges to abide by all laws and regulations covering private information and the protection of individual’s rights.  Moreover, we declare that in implementing the policies listed below we will, beyond constructing a private information management system, recognizing and utilizing the most up to date technology, changes in social demands and in the business environment, leverage our entire company to continually renew our systems and policies to handle personal information with the highest care.


1.  Personal Information will, in our role as a provider of language and communication training to businesses, in the proper conduct of our business, be limited to those aspects necessary in the employment and management by our HCD department of employees, and when being acquired, used or distributed, always be subject to provisions to prevent the use of said information exceeding its remit.

2.   We will always strictly observe all regulations, national laws and rules in the handling of Personal Information.

3.   To prevent the risk of leaks, damage to reputation or material losses, we will create a rational scheme that, in accordance with realistic business situations and capital assets, continually seeks to improve our Personal Information privacy framework.  In the case of unforeseen eventualities, we shall instigate corrective measures to resolve such situations.

4.   In response to any complains or concerns in the handling of Personal Information, we will, as fast as possible and in good faith, take appropriate action.

5.   Our Personal Information Management System will, in response to any changes in the business environment, be modified swiftly and appropriately in an effort to continually improve our services.


This policy, beyond being distributed and made known to all relevant persons, will be made freely available on our company’s website and all literature, and to all persons at any time who may wish to receive it.

Personal Information Handling Policy


1.     Employers Name

             Seven Seas Co., Ltd.


2.     Personal Information Manager (or their Representative) position and contact details

 Manager: Personal Information Protection Management and Accountability

                Administration Director

              Company and Department:  Seven Seas Co., Ltd. Administration Dept.

  Contact Details: Tel : 03(5312)7061


3.     Purposes of Use of Personal Information  


Purpose of Use

(1) Purpose of the use of Personal Information obtained directly from the person in written form  (“written form” is defined hereafter as personal web-pages and email and other electronic forms of communication, as well as traditional forms): Disclosed Personal Information


Training, training consultation, internal trainer’straining, international actor’si training, all types of program development and creation, production of original English level testing materials, forum invitation

Shareholder Information

Public information disclosure, delivery of distributed materials, communication

Client Information

Communication related to meetings or business operations, receiving and placing of orders, billing

Staff Information

Staff human capital management, business management and oversight, health management, security management

Potential Employees

For communicating with applicants and for management of the recruiting process

(2) Purpose of the use of Personal information obtained other than  written form


Training, training consultation, internal trainers’ training, international actors’ training, all types of  program development and creation, production of original English level testing materials, forum invitation

4.     Provision of Personal Information to 3rd Parties


          Seven Seas will never supply a customer’s Personal Information to any 3rd party except in the following cases:


(1)   Explicit agreement has been obtained from the customer.

(2)   As required by law.

(3)   To prevent damage to any person’s life, person or property, Even if it is not possible to obtain direct agreement from the  


(4)   For the protection of the public health, or the promotion of healthy children, even ifit is not possible to obtain direct
  agreement from the customer.

(5)   To cooperate with Government agencies or regional institutions or their agents in connection with the proper execution of
  their duties in regards to the law, even not getting agreement from the customer would obstruct these activities

(6)   In order for the smooth operation of business, it may be necessary within the scope of the requirements of use, to set
  aside all or part of this policy on the handling of Personal Information.


5.     Entrustment of the Handling of Personal Information


Seven Seas, beyond the execution of our duties, wishes to provide the best possible service to our customers, and for this reason may entrust part of our operations to an external organization, which on occasion may be supplied with Personal Information.  In this case, we will only select those external partners who have been confirmed to correctly handle Personal Information, and through stipulated contractual obligations will manage and maintain the secrecy of Personal Information in order to prevent any and all leaks.


6.     Sharing of Personal Information


Seven Seas shares Personal Information as below.


(1)   Items of Personal Information

  Customer information…Name, Address, Company Name and other information to smoothen business

  Client information …Company Name, Person in charge and other information to smoothen business

  Staff information…Name, Address, Profile and other information for labor management and doing business

(2)    Company that shares Personal Information

         WiLLSeed Co., Ltd (Affiliate Company)

(3)    Purpose of Use

   This is the same purpose that is notified or published when Seven Seas obtains the Personal Information.

(4)    Company responsible for managing Personal Information.

                Seven Seas Co., Ltd.


7.     Requests Regarding the Disclosure of Personal Information


Customers can, regarding their own Personal Information disclosures (notification of the purposes of use, corrections, addition of deletion of contents, cessation of use or removal of records, cessation of provision of Personal Information to 3rd parties), contact and communication with our company.  In this case, after we have confirmed your identity as the owner of the Personal Information, we will respond to your queries in a reasonably period of time.  For further information, please contact our company through the address listed below.


8.     Regarding the Provision of Personal Information


              Whether to provide Personal Information to Seven Seas is a voluntary act by the customer.  However if the necessary
              Personal Information is not provided, then there is the possibility that we will be unable to fully provide any and all


9.     Regarding the Conformity Assessment Body


The Conformity Assessment Body is, receiving accreditation from the State Minister with the 37 provisions for the protection of Personal Information as its basis, an organization that managers complaints regarding the handling of Personal Information, and provides information on the correct handling of Personal Information to enterprise.


 Our company is unaffiliated with the Conformity Assessment Body.



For any enquiries regarding our Personal Information Privacy Policy, please contact us using the details below.


162-0054 Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kawada-cho, 3-51 Tokyu View Residence Ichigaya Kawada-cho 4002

Seven Seas Co., Ltd. Client Service Manager

Email Address
Tel 03 – 5312 – 7061


Any contact Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, New Years period, Golden Week will be responded on the next business day.



Guide to Procedures Regarding Currently Held Personal Information


In the case of requests from the subject of Personal Information held by our company, or their appointed representative, for the purposes of notification of usage, disclosure of held information, revision of contents, addition or deletion, cessation of use, removal of records or cessation of provision to 3rd parties (referred to below as “Disclosure Requests”), these requests, using the Request Forms prescribed, are effected by the procedures set out below. For any enquiries regarding the Request Forms, please contact us. The above mentioned forms will

  1. Disclosure Requests Submission Information
    We request that when submitted Disclosure Requests to the following address you please include all necessary documentation and charges.

    〒162-0054 Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kawada-cho 3-51
    Tokyu View Residence Ichigaya Kawada-cho 4002
    7 Seas Corporation Ltd., Client Service Manager
    Email Address
    Tel 03 – 5312 – 7061

  2. Documentation Necessary for Disclosure Requests
    When carrying out Disclosure Requests please include the documents listed in point (1) and submit them by post. In order to confirm the identity of the requester, our company may request confirmation of up to 2 pieces of Personal Information already held by us (for example telephone number, date of birth).

    (1) Defined Disclosure Requests

    a. Notification of Purpose of Use
    <Request Form for Notification of Purpose of Use of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure>

    b. Disclosure
    <Request Form for Disclosure of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure>

    c. Correction, Addition, Deletion, Cessation of Provision to 3rd Parties or Use, Removal of Records
    <Request Form for Revision of Contents etc. and Cessation of Usage etc. of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure>

  3. Disclosure Requests by Proxy

    In the case of a proxy handling a Disclosure Request, as well as the documents listed in 2. (1), please enclose the documents listed in 3. (1) required as proof of status as an authorized representative, and the documents listed in 3. (2) required as proof of identity.

    (1) Documents required for proof of status as an authorized representative

    In the case the proxy has been delegated to by the owner of the information
    a. Letter of trust from the information’s owner (original copy)

    In the case the proxy is the legal guardian of the information’s owner
    a. Copy of the family register
    b. Residents Certificate (Juminhyo) (with the proxies relationship to the information’s owner registered)
    c. Other public documentation that can prove guardianship

    In the case the proxy is the legal guardian of a major
    a. Documentation proving ward of the information’s owner has been given to the proxy
    b. Other public documentation that proves custody

    Proof of Identity for Proxy (Copies)
    a. Driving License
    b. Passport
    c. Residence Certificate (Juminhyo)
    d. Basic Resident Ledger Card
    When providing residence information, only the city, prefecture or administrative region is required. Please obscure all other information regarding your address.

  4. Disclosure Requests Fees and Collections

    For notifications of purposes of use or other Disclosure Requests, a one time fee of the amount listed below is required. This fee includes return postage fees. Please include a postal order for the amount listed below.
    Procedure fees: JPY1,000

  5. How Disclosure Requests will be Answered

    In principle, all correspondence regarding Disclosure Requests will be sent by post to the address written on the Disclosure Request form.

    In the following cases, we may not be able to comply with your Disclosure Request. In these cases, we will inform you of the reason for this. Unfortunately, your understanding is requested that we will be unable to refund the procedure fee.

    (1) We cannot confirm the applicant’s identity as the information owner or their authorized representative.

    (2) The forms required have been incorrectly filled out.

    (3) The requested information does not meet any of the criteria listed below in the section marked (※).

    (4) The disclosure may cause harm to the life, person or estate of the information’s owner or a 3rd party.

    (5) The disclosure may cause a strong effect on the proper conduct of our business.

    (6) The disclosure conflicts with the law.

    ※“Personal Information Subject to Disclosure” is a systematically composed accumulation of Personal Information, on which our company bears the authority to comply with all customer requests regarding disclosure of information, deletion, addition or revision of contents, cessation of usage, removal of records or cessation of provision of information to a 3rd party. If the information meets one or more of the criteria below, it does not qualify as “Personal Information Subject to Disclosure”.

    a. Dependent on the clear existence of the aforementioned information, where harm to persons or property to the
        information’s owner or a 3rd party may occur.

    b. Dependent on the clear existence of the aforementioned information, unlawful or unjust acts may be encouraged or

    c. Dependent on the clear existence of the aforementioned information, damage to the safety of the country, other countries,
        international trust may occur, or may cause disadvantage to international negotiation.

    d. Dependent on the clear existence of the aforementioned information, interference with the prevention, suppression or
        investigation of crime, or other projects for the public good or safety may occur.