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揚石洋子Yoko Ageishi

COO & Chief Consultant
Degree: BA Anglo American Literature
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The Bachelor of European and American Literature in Rikkyo University. The councilor of directors in Rikyojyogakuen St.Margaret’s School. The founder and chairman of Seven Seas. After studying Languages, Drama, and Education at universities in Japan and South Africa, she worked for Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. Having lived in many different countries including India, the US and Germany, she learned the hard way of the difficulty and importance of global communications. She has 35 years career in the global commutation field for students and companies and has worked on seminars and training with their own programs and methods for many foreign and Japanese companies for 15 years. The communication training with excellent and motivated consultants living long in Japan which do not depend on language alone has high evaluations.

Grant Cameron

Grant Cameron

Vice President
Degree/Qualifications: BSc Business Management in Fashion Design
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Grant Cameron is Seven Seas’ Vice President. Along with the president, he oversees all areas of the company including HR, sales and corporate strategy.

He joined the company in 2006 and has had first-hand experience in all areas of the company from consulting and coaching to product development and project management. He previously led the Product & Marketing department before becoming the General Manager and subsequently the Vice President.

From a hands-on perspective in our core business of Corporate & Communication Training, Grant is one of Seven Seas’ most experienced workshop facilitators bringing energy, insight and most importantly concrete learning about how to be a better global communicator. He has seen the evolution of client needs and has used his knowledge and experience to help deliver real business impact to clients. He also coaches and consults for senior leaders of client companies upon special request.

Grant has worked in the private sector since 1989 both in his native Scotland and Japan in a variety of industries and roles which has given him a broad perspective on communication styles and how to manage and develop them. Having lived in Japan since 2002 and working with thousands of people to assist them in becoming better global communicators, he firmly believes that the first step in becoming a true global communicator is the desire to want to talk with people and from that first step the path to success can really begin to move forward.

株式会社セブンシーズ副社長。セールス、企業戦略、人事を管轄。2006年、同社に参画し、コンサルティング・コーチングからサービス開発・プロジェクトマネジメントまですべての領域を経験し、General Managerを経て現職。

セブンシーズのコア・サービスであるCommunication Trainingにおいて、最も経験豊かなワークショップ・ファシリテーター。「より良いグローバルコミュニケーターになる」をコアに、エネルギーと見識、そして最も大切な「堅実な学び」を提供している。顧客ニーズの変化、自身の経験や知識を活かして、顧客のビジネスの成果に貢献してきた。シニア・リーダー向けのコンサルティングやコーチングも行っている。


Timothy Fletcher

Timothy Fletcher

Business Development Manager
Degree/Qualifications: BCom – H.R. Management, International Business Operations
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Tim is Seven Seas’ Business Development Manager, a department that combined the previous product & marketing and consultant management & training areas. He is dedicated to providing a richer training experience by integrating these departments more tightly and providing highly skilled consultants to deliver innovative and tailored solutions to our clients.

Tim joined Seven Seas in 2006 as a consultant before moving into the role of Product & Marketing Coordinator and subsequently into his current role as Business Development Manager. In this role, he consults closely with client HR, and individual department managers, to create training programs and materials that match the client’s strategic training needs. Being responsible for the development of all material used in courses, Tim is able to use this knowledge to match the needs and expectations of clients and deliver customized courses which motivate trainees.

From a training perspective, he is one of the most experienced facilitators in the company having managed workshops of up to 200 people and likes to keep the training energetic, highly relevant and most importantly highly transferrable from the training room to the real business environment. He coaches senior executives and company presidents in communication and business skills to help them have more impact and visibility on the global stage and to showcase the contributions from the teams / business units in Japan.

Tim has lived in Japan since 2003 and has worked with thousands of trainees ranging from new graduates to senior managers and company presidents. He uses that experience to benefit each of his trainees, to create innovative and customized content for clients and to further develop the skills of our consultants.

He believes that there are three key requirements to being a true global communicator; Firstly, the mindset and willingness to communicate; Secondly, the curiosity to learn and ask questions - not just about the language, but also about the culture and the individuals within the culture and; Thirdly, a willingness to listen to others and to clarify information when it is not clear.





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