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6 Global Skills

6 Global Skills

Based on the concept outlined in the book 『語学力ゼロから「世界で成功する!」人になる~グローバル・コミュニケーター入門~』 on the mindset needed for global communication, there are 6 key skills that can help people achieve success in the global business environment. These 6 global skills provide the base for our trainings before we craft programs to match our clients’ needs.


Belief in yourself is fundamental to better performance in your job and life. We will partner with you to build the confidence in your ability to contribute on the global stage.

Non-verbal Communication

The non-verbal cues that we give off are not always conscious decisions. Being able to recognise the impact of this part of communication and using it to your advantage can give you the edge in your business communication.

Open Communication

Respect for Diversity and being open is essential. Appreciating the differences and the similarities across cultures and then being able to leverage the strengths offered by them can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Superior listening

Listening is not just hearing the words but combining it with context and NVC to understand the ‘whole’ meaning. Being present, showing interest and asking questions to eliminate misunderstanding all help move communication forward as a ‘superior listener’.

Assertive Rights & Communication

For both life and business, assertiveness allows us to express our will and desires while at the same time respecting the needs of others and the different situations that we encounter. Understanding your communication style, and that of others, can facilitate smoother communication.


Transitioning from an inward focus of how I feel and what I want, to understanding how your actions and words impact those around you. Emotional Intelligence is a necessary skill of negotiating the global landscape, working towards common goals and bringing your team with you.



  • 30分のNeeds Analysis面接による正確なニーズに合わせたプログラム構成と、受講後も常に成長し続けることを目的とした、完全1対1のプライベートコースです。

  • NDAとプライバシーマークを取得していることで、職務上の文書や状況、ビジネスで実際に起こっている課題をテーマにすることで、トレーニングの効率を最大化することができます。

  • コースの初めと終わりに、CARE Assessment(30分のアセスメント面接)を実施することで、客観的な視点でより深く成長を測定することができます。

  • Needs analysis with each employee to design a course that is crafted to their exact needs and can grow with them to remain challenging and engaging throughout.

  • Thanks to our NDA and Privacy mark, trainees can feel comfortable discussing their real business communication challenges utilizing documents and situations that arise in their job roles. This enables us to get to the heart of their development needs and ensures maximum efficiency from your investment in training.

  • An ‘in-depth’ CARE Assessment can be arranged at the beginning/end of the course to measure improvement in a more independent fashion.



  • ビジネスにおける共通のニーズに焦点を当てます(例:会議で自分から発信する)。

  • プライベートコースと同様に、NDAとプライバシーマークを取得していることで、実際のビジネス状況や課題をテーマにすることができます。

  • グループ内で各自の課題や目標を共有することで、同じ部署内のメンバー・異なる部署間の相互理解、連携を強化することにもつながります。

  • Focusing on shared business communication needs (e.g. Assertiveness in Meetings)

  • As with our private courses, the NDA and P-Mark enable groups to bring in and discuss real business situations and challenges

  • Useful to improve synergy across functions by allowing sharing of information, provide a deeper understanding of each other’s’ needs and targets, and create stronger, mutually beneficial relationships that help meet company goals.



  • ビジネスインパクトを最大化するために、語学力以外の要素として、「マインドを変える」「異なる文化へ配慮する」「自信を持つ」の3つを、全てのワークショップの共通のテーマとしています。

  • CARE は「自ら学ぶこと」を重視し、受講生自らがアウトプットし、仕事に転用可能なスキルを身につける場として設計しています。

  • ネイティブコンサルタントからのフィードバックは、自らの強みや今後の課題に気づくことができます。

  • We target 3 areas - Mindset, Culture, Confidence – in order to deliver the best results from each workshop in terms of performance and business impact

  • Active Learning is a key part of CARE™ at 7 Seas. Our activities are output focused, skill-oriented and work transferrable

  • We provide actionable feedback so trainees understand what they are good at and the areas they need to focus on further.

Open Consultation

Open Consultation

  • Private, Group, Workshopのようないわゆる「トレーニングセッション」ではなく、ビジネスパーソンが職場で実際に直面する課題に対して、ネイティブコンサルタントが直接グローバルビジネスのソリューションを提供します。

  • 全社で日常的に英語のコミュニケーションが求められる企業様におすすめの業務サポートサービスです。

  • 管掌部門と連携することで、セブンシーズのヘルプデスクが希望者の細かいビジネスニーズや実際のコンサルティングの日程調整など、煩雑な事務手続き代行が可能です。詳しくは、弊社営業担当までお気軽にお尋ねください。

  • Our consultation service accelerates the achievements of your employees by giving them the freedom to choose when to have their sessions, the flexibility on what content to bring to the sessions and the readiness to transfer their new skills as soon as they leave the training room.

  • It provides the most flexible training option with employees being able to use as few, or as many, sessions as their business demands.

  • These are fully supported by our Help Desk option which manages the program and provides a direct access point for your employees, significantly reducing your time spent on the day-to-day requests and administration.


揚石洋子 (著)



発売日:2010/1/19 四六並製/ 192 頁/本体:1200 円+税/
ISBN: 978-4-88337-691-9

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