7 Steps

7 Steps(Audio)を使ってリスニング、語彙、発音、流暢さなど英語のすべての分野の学習ができます。研修などの定期的なアウトプットの機会以外に、会話やリスニングの向上、ボキャブラリーを増やすことに役立ちます。
A self-development method to help you with the following: Listening, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Fluency etc.
Steps can be managed at your own pace and done independently of the next step. However, we strongly recommend you do all the steps for each unit as committing to this will provide you with the opportunity to develop your spoken English as well as your listening and vocabulary without the need for regular output opportunities. It is best used in conjunction with a course from Seven Seas as you can be guided by an expert consultant to develop your global communication goals.